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Drip System Repair

A1 Sprinkler Experts specializes in the installation and repair of sprinkler and drip systems to keep your property well maintained and beautiful all year round. We are experts in bringing out the beauty in commercial and residential areas. We offer the following essential services:

We Design & Install Irrigation Systems

Our irrigation division can help you with your irrigation system. New installations, renovations and repairs are some of the irrigation services we offer. We can design and install an irrigation system, customized for your property. We can also retrofit or renovate an aging system or one that has become obsolete. Let our irrigation specialists inspect your existing system for improvements, repairs, or even a complete irrigation system renovation.

Drip Irrigation Systems

We recommend drip irrigation systems for most trees, shrubs, vines, flower beds and in narrow planting areas. Drip irrigation is great for water conservation and is now widely used for watering landscapes. Drip irrigation is the most efficient water method around; hardly any water is wasted through wind, evaporation, run off or overspray. By slowly dripping water onto the soil at the base of the plants, water is released at a rate that’s easy to absorbed, only where it is needed.To be efficient, however, drip irrigation systems need to be designed and installed properly.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

  • Highly Efficient water distribution
  • \Saves a huge amount of water compared to sprinklers
  • Maintains water within the plants root zone where its most needed
  • Supply can be regulated by controlling the output of valves etc
    suits all plant types
  • Loses the least amount of water from wind and evaporation
  • Doesn’t waste water on leaves, reduces fungal and insect problems
  • This system requires the use of mains water or your stored water





Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation For Lawns

Sub surface drip irrigation involves the application of water to lawn via pipes, which are installed totally underground. The tube carries evenly spaced emitters or drippers, which deliver water directly to the root zone of the turf. Irrigation below ground offers several features that provide significant benefits over conventional above ground irrigation.

  • Eliminates evaporation, thereby reducing water loss
  • Is not affected by wind, therefore eliminating the waste caused by drift, over spray and run off.
  • Does not create pools of excess water
  • Can be installed on uneven ground eg slopes, without run-off
  • Ensures water application is delivered evenly across the entire turf area
  • Enables flexible watering time. For example, your kids can continue kicking the ball on the lawn while it is being watered.
  • Has the ability to support effluent and/or grey water
  • Reduces the likelihood of vandalism to your irrigation system (lawn verges tend to be particular targets for vandalism)
  • Low pressure, low flow areas

These benefits all mean sub surface irrigation can save up to 75% water usage compared with conventional popup sprinkler systems.

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